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Choosing essays, dissertations, term papers, or research papers topics can sometimes be a really frightening task for college and university students. Usually, tutors and professors assign a particular subject to write a paper on, but there are a lot of topics within it. The first step in picking research papers topics is understanding what the tutor wants and what you would like to write about.

5 Techniques to Choose Research Papers Topics

Having an academic writing assignment, you always think: I should write my paper within a week, but how to start, what points will be interesting for me to write on? Of course, you should start your work by choosing the most suitable topic, using the following techniques:

  1. Choose only research papers topics in which you are interested. You can think that it is an easy task, but the chosen topic can be too big or too narrow, too general or too specific. You should be completely sure to say: When I write my paper, I shall be able to find enough relevant information on it. Make sure you like the topic, as you are going to spend a lot of time researching and analyzing it. 
  2. Look through background information attentively. 

Spend several minutes reading some general information on your research papers topics in specialized literature, encyclopedia, handbook, or dictionary. It will save a lot of your time and needless effort. Look for books and articles which are useful in discovering the important dates, names, events, and vocabulary concerning the particular research papers topics. Articles in the encyclopedia are usually followed by carefully selected reference lists. 

  1. Having your topic chosen, write it in the form of a short sentence and make an accent on its main components. For example, talking about the research paper statement “Is the loss of memory connected with aging?”, divide it into 2 concepts – aging and memory loss. 
  2. Make a list of keywords. It will make the writing and searching process easier. Students writing a research paper should think: When I write my paper, I have to use a list of keywords to make an accent on them, for example, choosing any of the research papers topics on memory loss, it will be useful to mention “memory loss”, “amnesia,” “Alzheimer’s.”
  3. Look through free research papers samples on the Internet to have a clear understanding of how the papers should look like and what topics are the best to choose.

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