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What is the Role of Google in Social Media Marketing?

You might be wondering: What is Google’s role in Social Media Marketing? It’s a question that’s been plaguing marketers for years. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search and webspam, recently answered it on a video. According to the video, Google is monitoring the activity of sites that have social media accounts. While it doesn’t explicitly say whether social media activity is a ranking factor, it is a good practice.

Google is still the dominant search engine in the world. Google Search generates most of the company’s revenues. But Facebook is seriously threatening its dominance in the online world. People use Facebook to share information, recommend restaurants, and search for information. As a result, Google is seeing a serious threat in social media marketing. While these sites may not have any impact on the SEO of your website, they are still a valuable source of market data.

Google+ has several benefits, though it’s important to realize that it’s still relatively new and niche. You’ll need to devote time and resources to figuring it out. In addition to being a valuable social media resource, Google+ will give you targeted communications. For example, a sporting goods manufacturer or retailer could use Google+ Circles to target its messages and content. This approach is particularly useful if you’re trying to target a niche audience.

In the meantime, Google+ has become integral to many online marketing campaigns, including the Guardian Media Network. The biggest brands have already begun to make the most of its creative potential. While Google+ is most commonly used for discoverability – your page will show up in a natural listing on Google–it has grown as a social media platform. It’s become more integrated with other Google services and has a rapidly-growing user base.

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