What is the Meaning of Lyrics in the Song Starboy?

The meaning of “Starboy” is unclear, but the artist may be alluding to his conflicted self. He is a celebrity, surrounded by superficial trappings but still suffering from an underlying spiritual emptiness. The implication is that he is trying to make good records for his fans, while at the same time keeping his religious identity to himself. It is not clear how he reconciles his conflicted self, but the song’s message is clear.

The term “starboy” carries two meanings. In its primary sense, the word is an homage to the Weeknd’s celebrity status. In fact, the term “starboy” has its roots in Jamaican slang. It is used in reggae music and means “rock star.” In either case, a person called “starboy” is being paid a big compliment.

“Starboy” is a rap song that was released in 2015. The Weeknd enlisted Brad Pitt in the song, and the song’s popularity is set to grow. The song was released at the perfect time. But there’s a lot more to the lyrics than meets the eye. Whether Abel is bragging about his narcotic use or talking about his “side women,” we can’t be sure.

The Weeknd evokes the era of Beauty Behind the Madness in “Starboy”: in the song, “bitches” are the only people who matter. Weeknd’s “bitches” have better cars, more money, and higher standards of appearance. So, what does Starboy mean? If we’re not able to answer that question, we might as well just skip Starboy anxnr.

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