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What is the Best Stock Tracking Web App?

A stock tracking web application can be a great way to keep track of your stock portfolio, whether you’re just logging on to check your investments or managing a portfolio with multiple investments. The best stock tracking web apps allow you to create several watch lists and divide each portfolio according to your goals and sectors. Some even allow you to sync your information across devices, so you can keep up with your stock information on a variety of devices nobkin

Morningstar offers high-end research, portfolio management, and ratings of stocks. It costs $199 per year for the Premium version, but gives you access to the best research on the web. You can use the app online or on your phone. EquityStat has a clean interface, but does not provide much insight into asset allocation. If you’re on a budget, try Stock Rover. It’s free for those with less than $10,000 in assets and is a great stock tracker for those with a smaller budget.

Another good stock tracking web app is Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor. This app links you to other investors who have the same goals as you. Motley Fool Stock Advisor also allows you to track your portfolio while getting investment guidance from an expert. It promises two new stock picks every month, and expert analysis of current trends. It’s a relatively low-maintenance service and requires very little upkeep.


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