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The name Vudu is synonymous with digital video stores, but this streaming service also offers movies. Founded in 2008, Vudu is a joint venture between Fandango Media and NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. Discovery. In the past, it has become a top destination for movie buffs. However, the popularity of its streaming service has caused some doubts about its viability. Nevertheless, there are some positive points that should be weighed before making the decision to sign up.

The first notable aspect of Vudu is its availability of new content well before it appears on DVD. This helps distinguish it from competitors such as Netflix, which requires a Gold membership to watch new releases. Another way to get the latest releases is to purchase Vudu bundles of similar movies and TV shows. These packages often appear on store shelves near checkout lanes or in electronics departments, and are presented as gift ideas. For fans of a particular actor, Vudu’s bundle packs offer a great solution.

Another plus of Vudu is its ability to restrict certain content for children. It offers Kids Mode on some devices, and it also has a Kids Store for titles that are appropriate for children. It also features a free service that allows you to watch kid-friendly titles without the need to subscribe to the premium service. But even if your children aren’t into TV shows, you can watch them on Vudu if you subscribe to its service.

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