Proven Strategies for Lead Players in Crusaders Quest, Presented by Redfinger

LoadComplete’s Crusaders Quest has captivated millions of players around the globe and garnered over 280 recommendations on the Apple Store. This RPG depicts pixel art and real-time battles, all while taking on a Japanese-style aesthetic. It stands out from the traditional turn-based RPGs and side-scrolling action games with its unique battle system, which does not rely on directional control keys but instead requires players to control up to three characters at once. In the following sections, we’ll cover practical advice for playing with various characters in the game.

Whitebeard Drake occupies a vital part in the team as a support character with an affinity for taking down single foes. His formidable abilities raise the damage output, particularly when it comes to guaranteed critical hits that enable the passives of multiple characters. When used correctly, Whitebeard Drake is a great asset in offering team protection, which makes him an excellent companion for those like Dorothy who benefit from buffs. Furthermore, his synergy increases the passive of the Harvest Goddess and pairs perfectly with NO.9’s buffs. By changing three blocks into destruction blocks, he directly activates the Pirate Shield. In the game, Whitebeard Drake has the highest critical hit rate boost ability. However, since he is in the front line, he has no tank to protect him until the shield is on newsintv, leaving him vulnerable famousbiography. With his extraordinary weapon, his support capabilities are further amplified, thus transforming him into a mighty damage dealer.

The best build for Whitebeard’s gear slots should focus on physical penetration in A slots and physical defense in D slots. For the F slot, prioritize critical rate for versatility. An ideal set-up would be DF physical defense and critical rate. With this, Whitebeard Drake can easily defeat most Fruit enemies even without penetration. To further increase output against enemies with low physical resistance, a 120 physical penetration ring is a great addition without occupying a weapon enchantment slot.

It is highly encouraged for Whitebeard Drake to utilize Indestructible Barrier, a skill that is available to everyone and provides exceptional protection. Anchor Drop is another useful ability, as it causes moderate damage and its standout quality is that it bypasses evasion for five seconds. Additionally, it activates Whitebeard Drake’s personal shield. Guardian Incarnation is not advised as it would leave him exposed and it is already protected by the shield jmdhindi, thus it would be a waste to consume more damage.

Handy Advice for Athena in Crusaders Quest

The tank-type warrior Athena has the capability to enhance her abilities with consecutive eliminations, raising her damage by 50%, 120%, and 210% magic damage. Her passivity, named Main Force Type, activates a shield for all allies after a 3-block elimination. This shield lasts 10 seconds and is equal to Athena’s magic defense, which is set at 200%. Additionally, while the shield is active, Athena’s blocks can cause physical damage equivalent to 200% of her magic defense.

A tank role is the area in which Athena shines, providing an increase of 200% to her magic defense when her shield is active. During this time, her attacks are similarly boosted, having the same strength as her magic defense multiplied by 200%. However, it must be noted that the full potential of Athena can only be realized when there is a team leader and a 3-block elimination is achieved. So, it is clear that tanking is the best fit for Athena.

Lionel’s passive ability increases his attack by 15% for five seconds when he has been hit five times. Additionally, he will launch a light sphere with 200% physical damage. When his HP drops to below half, a light pillar is activated that deals 500% physical damage. It is difficult to stack the passive ability high, as the duration is not reset when it is stacked scooptimes, making it hard to see a noticeable effect in actual fights. The light sphere has multiple hits, and if Lionel remains in contact with the target, the damage ratio is quite high.

In Summation

Crusaders Quest has many characters, and the ones previously mentioned are frequently used. If you are looking for strategies for other characters, Redfinger is the place to go. Redfinger is a platform for Android emulators which allow you to gain insight into numerous mobile games, as well as provide a more enjoyable visual experience while playing.

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