Most common issues high school students face

Every parent expects their children to receive proper education and hopes their child does not have to face any legal complications while studying. The federal law also expects that all students get appropriate education without any hindrances. All of this broadly comes under education law. The education law mentions the rights and obligations of students, teachers, and administrators. Any violation of such rights and obligations can lead to complex and diverse legal issues that need to be addressed adequately so that their future is not hampered. Some of the most common issues that high school students face are related mostly to discrimination, accessibility, and free speech. For any such legal issues, hiring an experienced education lawyer from Lento Law Firm is crucial to help you with the complex legal process.

Most common issues faced by high school students:-

  • Title IX: Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits any form of sexual misconduct and gender discrimination in any school or educational program that receives federal funding. For example: If the school’s athletic team does not allow one gender to participate in a particular sport it is violating the right of the student. Such an offense is a legal one and can lead to the involvement of a Title IX defense attorney. Schools have Title IX obligations in areas like Financial assistance, Athletics, Sex-based harassment, discipline, recruitment, admissions, counseling, employment, etc. 
  • First Amendment: The First Amendment to the US Constitution restricts the right of public colleges or schools to regulate expressions. The right to free speech and expression is called into question only if considered offensive by the school. Schools and colleges must try to balance the need for free speech with issues of civility and respect.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act: Every higher educational institution whether private or public must ensure their programs are accessible to students with disabilities. They must have fair access to the school building and other infrastructural facilities, proper aids, and services for effective communication, etc. Violations of any such facilities will have severe legal consequences.

The education lawyer deals with one of the most complex laws. They ensure the safety of the student by seeing to it that the student is not subjected to improper discipline and by making sure the student’s civil rights are not violated. They also provide assistance with education reform and monitor the school governance by checking compliance, school rules and regulations, and employment matters as well. Therefore, if you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues in high school do not hesitate to reach out to a reputed education lawyer. 

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