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Nov 15 Tip #2: Don’t Oversell Yourself 5 Nov 15 Well, the last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for me. On one hand, it’s been a learning experience for me as a marketer and educator. On the other hand, it’s also been an awesome way to explore new things! While I know not everything can be considered glass half-full or glass half-empty, there is definitely more than enough to learn from these experiences and make better decisions going forward. So, how do I take out the guesswork and get ready for next year? Overselling myself is good. When you oversell yourself, you don’t really think about what increase in your value will produce in return. You just keep going until you hit your limit… And then you end up regretting your decision. Here are 6 tips to help you stay under control this year and lower your expectations for next year:

Be real with what you sell

One of the most important things you can do this year is be real with what you sell. If you’re trying to sell people on a certain product or service, then don’t oversell yourself. Be real with it and let people see the whole thing from your point of view. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing all the details about your product or service, then don’t worry – it’s not your fault. This is a choice you can make for yourself.

Don’t oversell yourself

One of the best things about retiring is that you can start to enjoy living a cheaper version of your normal life. That is, until you start feeling overstimulated and overwhelmed. Then, it’s time to get serious about “oversell.” If you always feel like you’re talking a ton, then you’re probably not experiencing enough energy to call your number. You can also see this in your sales – people aren’t flowing through your number as much as they should. If you start to feel overwhelmed, then refocus your energy on their needs instead!

Set realistic targets for yourself

One aspect of being a lead generation professional is having realistic expectations of how my leads respond to my emails and offers. As a consumer, I’m more likely to click on a product that has a price that I believe in. Likewise, I’m more likely to click on a sale if it has a certain percentage price-to-value (PTV) that I’m willing to accept as my closing amount. As an education professional, you might want to hold off on promoting the latest and greatest books, until you know for sure what your audience will think about them. Likewise, you might want to wait a couple of months before promoting your latest and greatest videos, just to make certain your viewers are in tune with your audience’s mindset. Set realistic targets for yourself because it will help you stay on course when it comes to your business.

Do the math before you decide

Another important thing you can do this year is do the math before you decide. This will help you stay on course and avoid repeating past mistakes. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, it’s important to understand your costs and revenue projections. This will help you prepare for every aspect of your business – from marketing to sales, from finances to support. You can also use this math to help you identify what percentage of your revenue you should be paying yourself every month. If you decide you don’t need to put in the effort you’d like to make, then don’t! It doesn’t have to be an emergency. These are feelings that need to be accepted for a living.

Be transparent with your data

One of the best things about retirement is being able to share what I’m eating, how I’m spending my money, and how I’m growing my business. This information will help you see behind the curtains of your financial situation and get a true picture of how your money is being spent. While it might not be the most useful information, it’s still helpful to have. Also, be open and transparent with your data. This means discussing your spending with other people in your industry, letting your friends and family see your financials, and allowing them to see your progress financially too.


Retirement is an important part of any business’s life. It’s what we do for a living, and we’ve been retraining our brain to deal with the time we have left. Retirement can also be scary. There are many emotions you might experience as you withdraw from the world, or you might find yourself feeling like you’re going to throw up. We all go through phases where we’re overstimulated and overwhelmed, or we might just decide to shut down the mind and body, and just enjoy our retirement. These are all normal stages that we go through, and they all need to be experienced by ourselves. When you experience overstimulation or a breakdown in your normal state of relaxation, it can lead to anxiety, insomnia, or depression. These are common side effects of overselling yourself. The key is to take your normal self-care – by choosing to ignore the voices in your head, or at least look them in the face, for a few hours each day.

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