Essentials to Carry at Your Beach Holiday Resort near Mumbai and Pune

If you live near Mumbai and Pune, you can plan a beach holiday every weekend. People live a very hectic life in these cities and a small getaway during the weekend helps them to rejuvenate and regain energy to start their work with full enthusiasm. You will find various holiday resorts near Mumbai and Pune that are located near beaches and if you are visiting near a beach, it is important to carry essentials to make your holidays worthwhile.

Here is the list of the essentials you should carry on your beach holiday.

Waterproof Bag

You can keep your large bags in your resort room but there are a few essentials like a mobile phone which you have to carry with you. But you cannot take your mobile and various other such belongings near the water and for that, you much carry a waterproof small bag so that you can keep your belongings in it while you enjoy the water.

Waterproof Phone Case

You visit such an amazing place and but you do not have any pictures to cherish the memories as you cannot carry the mobile phone to water. Isn’t it heartbreaking? But we have a solution that can help you carry your phone with you even under the water. A waterproof phone case. Yes, you must carry a waterproof phone case with you so that you can have amazing pictures of you and your friends having fun.

Beach Bag and Accessories

Carrying a small and light weighted beach bag with you is always a good idea. You can keep your belongings in it. These light weighted bags can carry all the essentials which you want to carry to the beach.

Swimsuit with Coverups

Do not forget to carry your beautiful and designer-looking swimsuits to the beaches. Many people love to carry their coverups so that they can wear them anytime and walk comfortably all around the beach. You will find various designs and smart-looking coverups in the market which you can nicely flaunt on your beach holiday.

Portable Mobile Chargers

This is another essential thing which you must carry on your beach holiday. At resorts you will get all kinds of charging ports for your mobile phones but if you forget to charge you must carry a portable charger with you. No one can live without their phones these days as a single phone can do various activities to add fun to life. Imagine you are having fun with your family and friends by clicking pictures and dancing to your favorite songs, and your battery getting drained. It will ruin all the fun so to avoid such a situation you must carry a portable mobile charger with you at the beach.

Personal Care

As on the beaches, you get in direct contact with the UV rays, you must carry your skin essentials for you especially sunscreen with SPF 30-50. Don’t forget to carry other essentials like toiletries, deodorant, Facewash, etc.

This is the list of a few essentials that you must carry with you when you visit any beach resort. You can add your essentials to it as well.

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