Best high-quality Allen key sets

Allen keys, also called hexagon keys, are used for tightening and loosening bolts and screws. Due to their six-sided design, Allen keys are also known as hex keys or hex wrenches. Allen Manufacturing Company developed Allen key sets.

Allen keys are bunched together on a ring so the keys can be kept in one place. Allen keys are primarily used in various small industrial units for multiple tasks, such as manufacturing toys, musical instruments, motorbikes, garage builders, and automotive engines. These are commonly found in self-assembly kits and are extensively used in furniture assembly.

Allen keys are available in several materials; Silicon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and beryllium copper are some common materials used to manufacture them. They are also found in different finishes like gunmetal, phosphate, chrome, and blackened.

Hex Allen Keys are made with high-grade hardened and tempered steel for extra durability.

Allen keys are available in different sizes, both in metric (mm) and imperial (inches) units.

Types of Allen keys

  • L-shaped Allen keys
  • T-Handle Allen keys
  • Straight Allen keys
  • Folding Hex keys.

Some of the best high-quality Allen key sets

RS PRO Allen key set

RS PRO manufactures several premium Allen key sets. With these sets, you can easily pull out a particular wrench size when needed, thanks to the case that keeps your wrenches neat and organised. The wrenches come with a black oxide finish that protects against corrosion.

The Allen keys’ ball ends to ensure that you can insert the key into a hex socket at different angles allowing handymen to use the keys in small spaces, which is handy for sockets in awkward or obstructed locations. Likewise, the long-arm L-wrenches are perfect for deep-set bolts.

Tekton Allen key set

The black oxide coating on the Tekton Allen key sets prevents corrosion and moisture damage. In addition to extending the reach, the long/short arm design can provide additional leverage during jobs. This storage case has a hinged design for easy carrying and usage.

Due to their long length and ball-end design, TEKTONs are particularly useful in tight spaces. This set is backed by a lifetime guarantee and includes metric and SAE sizes.

Dewalt Allen key set

The DeWalt Ratcheting Wrench Set has a ratcheting handle that allows you to keep the wrench head always inserted. Handling the device is made more accessible by the ergonomic shape of the T-handle. The 31 pieces are more than enough for a range of fastener jobs.

Texas Best Allen key set

Texas Best wrenches are made with high-quality materials and come with a foldable holder rather than a plastic case or rubber holder for different situations. One of the most significant benefits of this method is that you will not have to worry about misplacing a wrench.

Always keep an Allen key handy when dealing with fasteners, whether you are a novice or an expert. Whether you need an Allen key set for electricians or personal use around the house, we have several options available.

You can browse all the high-quality brands on RS to find the right Allen keys for your application.

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