Are Starbucks Bagels Vegan?

Are Starbucks bagels vegan? Well, yes. Most of the store-bought variety are. However, some are better than others. This article has a North American bias, so you should assume that some of the bagels in Starbucks are made with animal products. This California-based brand, for example, makes a dozen options that are vegan and is open about when something doesn’t meet the vegan standard. The California-based brand also makes vegan cheeses, vegan butter, and so on.

Besides vegan bagels, Starbucks also offers several varieties of regular, raisin, and cinnamon-raisin bagels. In addition to plain and cinnamon-raisin varieties, there’s also a sprouted grain bagel available at the coffee shop. This bagel contains oats, brown flax, and sprouted grains. The ingredients for the cinnamon raisin bagel are vegan, but the other varieties don’t contain them.

While they don’t carry any special vegan pastries, Starbucks does offer a few varieties of vegan bagels. The Sprouted Grain bagel, for example, is vegan and completely plant-based, but you may have to ask for it. The same goes for other types of bagels. Starbucks is very popular and has several locations, making it easy for vegans to find a vegan option. If you’re not sure if a particular type of bagel is vegan, it’s best to ask an employee or manager for more information.

While the plain bagel is usually a good option for those who are vegan, many of its other varieties are not. A vegan version of a classic New York bagel is available at a Starbucks location. With 280 calories, two grams of sugar, and 1.5 grams of fat, it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians. You can also order a cup of coffee or a bagel with a cream cheese or avocado spread if you’d prefer.

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