Apple’s HomePod Will Be Discontinued, TechCrunch Has Learned

Apple has confirmed to TechCrunch that it plans to discontinue its original HomePod in favor of the $99 HomePod mini, which was first introduced last year and has won over critics with its similar sound performance at a much more budget-friendly price point.

Apple’s HomePod is set to launch on worddocx Friday, and early reviews have started appearing online. While this $349 device may be Apple’s best attempt yet at taking over the smart home market, it comes with its share of issues.

According to some critics online, Siri’s abilities do not measure up to those of Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Its capacity for playing podcasts at higher speed, sending iMessages or WhatsApp messages, and hdxwallpaper using voice commands for other tasks is limited – creating frustration among reviewers.

Another issue raised by many users is Siri’s AI assistant lacking personalized recognition to differentiate between different people’s telesup voice requests. This makes it easy for friends and family to ask Siri to read or send texts, which can lead to frustration when the voice isn’t your own.

Though not exclusive to the HomePod, this happn issue also impacts other smart speakers from Amazon and Google. Thus, it may be wise to give consideration before purchasing one of these models.

It’s worth noting that, while the HomePod roobytalk doesn’t support Spotify or any other music streaming services, it does come equipped with Handoff and Intercom accessibility features. These allow users to quickly switch between output sources without having to tap the AirPlay menu. Furthermore, these are excellent solutions for people who have difficulty communicating through audio on other smart devices like the iPad.

HomePod also features Spatial Audio, a directional audio feature that produces deep and immersive sound. Combining beamforming and room sensing technologies, HomePod directs sound into each corner of a room for crystal-clear audio in all directions.

Audio quality may be the primary attraction, but it’s not the only benefit. The HomePod offers an unbeatably good value at a much cheaper price point than any smart speaker from Amazon or Google.

Beyond providing an enjoyable audio experience, this product is environmentally friendly and designed for easy repair in case of power outage or other failure. Constructed with 100 percent recycled gold plating, it is mercury-, BFR-, PVC- and beryllium-free.

That being said, if you’re an audiophile who demands the very best sound, investing in a high-end speaker is recommended. Fortunately, Apple’s HomePod offers some of the finest sound for its price point and is certainly worth consideration. That being said, more affordable models like Sonos One or Sony Sonos Beam can still deliver excellent audio quality.


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