savvysleepers Suggests Best Mattress For Elders


Mattress plays a vital role in your life. And as you age, they matter even more. Every type of mattress has its advantages. As you age, the preference for a mattress changes because of changes in the body. If you want to find out the right choice, give a read to savvysleepers guide. We’ve listed down some of the mattresses for elders, along with their features. So, carefully understand each type’s characteristics so that you can choose what’s best for you.


The hybrid mattress has innerspring support at the core. It also has a significant comfort system made of latex or form. These mattresses combine different materials to give you the comforts of latex and foam—moreover, a hybrid mattress aim at minimizing the material’s possible disadvantages. Furthermore, hybrid mattresses have a great comfortable combination of characteristics for the elders. The excellent response to airflow and the quiet, peaceful sleep hybrid mattress offers makes it an ideal choice for elders.


Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest types of mattresses. They contain metal coils and a surface covering layer. These mattresses are either highly elastic or highly resilient. Moreover, these are cheap mattresses you will ever find in the mattress industry.


As the name tells, foam mattresses are composed entirely of foam. Foam of different types is layered to give you a layer full of comfort and a core of support. Some of the famous and common materials used in a foam mattress are polyfoam, memory foam, and latex.

Foam mattresses are famous for hugging the shape of your body. This is an essential thing for seniors as it will be very beneficial for their joints.


Airbeds are famous for their air-filled chambers in the support core. These mattresses can add or remove air with a remote control or an app on your smartphone. In addition to this, the firmness can also be adjusted. These mattresses’ intermediate and comfort layers are made up of different materials such as latex and memory form. 

The adjustability is beneficial for elders. Moreover, the additional chambers airbed mattresses have offers another level of firmness and comfort for not just your back but some other body parts too.


Latex mattresses, as the name tells, consist only of latex. Primarily, natural latex is used, which is manufactured from the rubber tree. But some latex mattresses consist of blended or synthetic latex. The fantastic feature of these mattresses is that they provide you with contouring. They blend in perfectly with your body shape and are very responsive towards painful pressure locations. Moreover, they will give you a relaxed sleep and outstanding durability.


Right mattress matters at every stage of your life. But as you descend into old age, the options of taking things lightly become narrow. Hence, the right mattress for an older person is significant. We hope our guide was helpful to you, and you would’ve found the right bed for yourself or a loved one.